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Indoor/Winter Track & Field – Workouts!

workoutsWe’ve added a new ‘page’ to our site. It won’t appear in the slider menu above, but you can find it here: Workouts!

On that page you’ll find lots of daily and weekly workouts from your coaches. Be prepared, they may ask you if you’re workin’ it.

It’s been a great 10 years at fairporttrack.com!

10 years ago when my oldest decided to participate in track and field, and carry on the family tradition, I had no idea where it would lead. There was no web site, no Facebook, no Twitter, no kidding. The domain name was available, so I bought it. Back then, I did all the coding on my Mac. :) We’ve since given up on iWeb (remember that?) and have been running on WordPress ever since.

10 years! I know, right? #timetomoveon

I’ve cheered for hundreds of kids, snapped lots of pics, updated these pages with info, schedules, years’  best performances, and kept track of new SCHOOL RECORDS!! I’ve traveled to many NY State Championships and have also served as an official for well over 100 high school and college track meets.

You jelly? Wanna take over?Fairport Track

Here’s your opportunity. You need mad web skillz! JK. You just need to stay on top of things during the season. Be committed, be fair, be honest, and have a desire to keep things running smooth to provide information and continue making Fairport Track & Field the best program in Section V. During the season, you need to update this site a couple of times a week, follow up with post-meet performance updates, and stay in touch with the coaches and the booster club. Oh, and you really need to LOVE Fairport Track & Field….like I do.

So, you want in? You can reach me on our contact page.

Our Booster Club needs your support!

Join our Booster Club today!

The Fairport Track & Field Booster Club provides outstanding support of our student-athletes and is vital to our student-athlete’s success. The Booster Club conducts numerous activities, end of season banquets, and more. Funds raised by the Booster Club are used to support the following:

  • Monetary support for needed equipment
  • Student-Athlete events (pasta loads, bagels/subs on the bus, etc.)
  • Expenses to Special Meets
  • Student-Athlete Scholarships
  • Subsidize season-end banquet and athlete awards

The Booster Club welcomes all, and we appreciate your support. If your student-athlete is a member of the Fairport Track & Field team, please consider the outstanding support offered through our Booster Club and join today.